Founded on a philosophy of “Fast to Fusion,” TAE Technologies has partnered with preeminent research institutions from around the world to accelerate our rate of learning, reduce future technical risks, and make the best use of key resources and expertise available in the fusion science and engineering communities. This approach has already begun to pay dividends with the C-2U device.

TAE Technologies has ongoing collaborations including:

Organization Current Topics
Princeton University Theory and modeling of Field-Reversed Configuration (FRC) plasmas, development of plasma diagnostics
University of California – Los Angeles Studies of plasma turbulence in FRC and methods of advanced turbulence control
University of California – Irvine Gyrokinetic code development and numerical simulations of plasma turbulence
University of Wisconsin – Madison Materials research and radiation safety
Lawrence Livermore National Lab Divertor physics
University of Pisa (Italy) Spectroscopic diagnostics
Budker Institute (Russia) Neutral beams for plasma heating and current drive, plasma injectors for active boundary control, fast ion diagnostics, divertor physics
Pelin, LLC (Russia) Plasma refueling with cryogenic pellets
Nihon University (Japan) Plasma refueling with compact toroid plasmas