David R. Ewing

Chief Information and Communications Officer



David R. Ewing has served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer since January 2013. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Ewing served in IT leadership and executive roles at Sonos and InfoPlus International. He also held the position of Chief Information Officer and Chief Privacy Officer for Mainstream Holdings, a social media startup. Mr. Ewing was also appointed Deputy Chairman and non-independent Director to the MOLI Asia Pte. Ltd. Board of Directors. Previously, Mr. Ewing served as Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Corporate Senior Vice President for E*TRADE Financial, where he was a member of the executive team responsible for taking the company public.

In the past, Mr. Ewing has provided technical and security guidance and consulting support to companies including UBS and Visa and to groups as diverse as Al Gore’s Government Technology and Security Conference, the World Economic Forum, and Internet Industry Forums in China, Malaysia and throughout Europe. Additionally, he served in senior IT management roles at Price Waterhouse and Charles Schwab previously. Mr. Ewing holds a Bachelor’s degree from National University.