Introducing Friendly Fusion

When TAE Technologies embarked on our journey to develop clean fusion energy in 1998, we started with the end goal in mind: creating a safe, affordable source of commercial fusion power designed to combat the mounting effects of climate change, empower equally high living standards for all, and pave the road for global energy independence.

We call it Friendly Fusion, and it informs everything we do.

As the world confronts what most scientists agree are the detrimental effects of fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, great strides are being made in carbon-free energy sectors of wind, solar and hydroelectric. However, as our planet’s power consumption is expected to double by 2050, we will need all kinds of clean generation technologies to meet the many facets of this dramatic increase in demand.

Committed To A Green Energy Solution

From day one, TAE has been committed to a green energy solution that is both environmentally and economically beneficial. With that in mind, we had clear non-starters and mandatory requirements that define the very essence of Friendly Fusion:

• We would always be safe, clean and carbon-free.
• No radioactive tritium would be consumed or generated.
• We would not use or create any fissile nuclear materials, such as uranium or plutonium.
• Our operations would be compact, with the smallest possible footprint on the landscape.
• Our fuel would be plentiful and widely accessible around the globe.
• Our solution must be an affordable, reliable source of 24/7 on-demand electricity.

We believe the best fuel cycle for fusion that delivers on all these goals is hydrogen-boron (pB-11). Boron is readily available in nature and non-radioactive – in fact, it is essential to maintaining healthy bones and immune function in human beings. We estimate that a 55-gallon drum of boron (think a full bathtub) can generate enough electricity to power up to 200,000 homes for a year.

Our Ambitious Goal

Our goal is ambitious, especially because boron requires much hotter temperatures to produce a fusion reaction than other fuel cycles. But whether you come from the perspective of a methodical scientist, radical environmentalist or hardcore capitalist, we strongly believe there is no better answer to the existential challenge of the 21st century than our Friendly Fusion.

Our proprietary source of safe, boundless energy will provide sustainable solutions at the nexus of clean water, access to food, shelter, healthcare, transportation; and act as a great equalizer for improved quality of life around the world.

Our team is extraordinarily committed to this goal, and we are privileged to have the opportunity to get closer every day. With every advance we make, we are marching toward replacing carbon-based energy with fusion energy that will enable a new model of wide-scale infrastructure. In fact, we are staking our company on it.

At TAE Technologies, we know that sustainability must apply to the entire journey and not just the destination. That’s why all of our fusion research is conducted with the highest level of environmental rigor and discipline. The very process by which we are creating the reality of Friendly Fusion embodies the safe and secure future we are building together.