Powering the next generation of electric vehicles.

Gaining velocity.

While electric vehicles continue to gain broader adoption, today’s EVs still rely on antiquated drivetrain components. TAE’s modular power system fulfills the true potential of EVs by providing an end-to-end powertrain that delivers maximum efficiency and range, greater safety and reliability, more design flexibility, and substantially faster charging – all at a lower cost. 

Groundbreaking universal platform.

Less is more.

Conventional drivetrain

TAE powertrain

Smart battery.

Innovation and efficiency in a single component 

Any battery

TAE controller
TAE converter
TAE Power Module

Has TAE invented a new battery?

No, TAE’s power management and mobility platform works with all battery chemistries and other storage elements like supercapacitors, as well as hybrid systems like hydrogen fuel cells. Regardless of the types of energy storage or battery chemistries used, TAE’s power management and mobility platform maximizes their performance, ensures the longest life possible, and minimizes system cost.

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