Unparalleled performance in energy storage and power management.

Charging into the future.

As the population increases alongside the growing electrification of industries, our global power demand is rising dramatically. We need more efficient and sustainable solutions to support our aging grid. The patented power management technology originally developed for TAE’s unique fusion configuration is now being offered for distribution, management, and energy storage in grid utility, power buffering, and more.

One building block
does it all.

TAE’s fully integrated power management system streamlines controller, converter, and battery components into a single, scalable Power Module. These Power Modules are then configured into our ACi-Power Packs, which intelligently deliver any AC or DC outputs, with any storage capacity, power, and voltage – all without any additional power electronics components.

The Power Modules in the ACi-Power Packs work together as a network to deliver precise power output while monitoring and actively controlling state of charge and temperature at the individual module level, yielding massive gains in performance, efficiency, and longevity at a substantially lower cost.


Putting TAE Power Management technology to the test.

TAE is proud to partner with Coral Mountain, the Kelly Slater Wave Company, Meriwether Companies, and Big Sky Wave Developments on the world’s largest manmade wave and resort community in California’s Coachella Valley set to open in 2023, pending agency approvals.

How did TAE develop its power management technology?

TAE had to solve a power problem for fusion. Our local grid provides 2MW of power; Norman operates at 750MW. In order to bridge this gap, we needed an extremely scalable energy storage and power delivery system. With no sufficient solution available in market, TAE developed a proprietary integrated energy storage module that combines any battery with a dedicated controller and converter, which can be assembled into energy storage and power delivery systems for all applications. 

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