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TAE Technologies is a fusion power company developing the most sustainable and economically competitive solution to bring abundant clean energy to the grid and hard to decarbonize industrial processes. 

We’re creating innovations in science, engineering, software, big data, and machine learning to commercialize fusion and solve the existential issue of our time: how to deliver a carbon-free baseload energy source that meets global electricity demand while also protecting the planet.
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A woman scientist working on nuclear fusion energy at TAE Technologies

The Future is Fusion

Our Vision
We see a world transformed by abundant, environmentally-friendly fusion energy, driving positive impact and fostering a cleaner, brighter planet for generations to come.

Clean, affordable, reliable energy is essential for every facet of life, from our food and water supply, to our air quality, to our health and education. It’s the key that can unlock a better standard of living.

In order to ensure the future of our planet and a thriving ecosystem, we must adopt a safe, cost-effective, non-polluting, scalable, commercial power solution. Our vision is to deliver that solution with TAE’s hydrogen-boron fusion energy, and we are confident that this transformative power source is within our grasp.

We remain singularly committed to advancing the frontiers of science and innovation to benefit humanity. With a steadfast resolve to redefine the energy landscape, TAE Technologies is at the forefront of the fusion revolution, poised to usher in a new era of sustainable and limitless power generation for a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

With an unwavering commitment, we will realize our vision by harnessing our collective resources to develop economically competitive hydrogen-fusion power plants, meeting the energy needs of our world. Guided by our exceptional team of scientists and innovators, we strive to create a sustainable energy landscape for a brighter tomorrow.

Our Values

  • Integrity: We champion ethical actions, fostering an environment where transparency reigns and accountability is embraced. Our commitment to truth is unwavering, and we own our mistakes with grace.
  • Teamwork: United in purpose, we thrive on collaboration. Every member is invaluable, and together, we uplift one another, always driving towards collective brilliance. We believe we are stronger together.
  • Excellence: In every endeavor, we aim for unparalleled excellence. Our steadfast dedication to quality propels us forward, ever-evolving and constantly elevating our standards.
  • Passion: Our energy is palpable, our commitment unyielding. Fueled by passion, we are resolutely dedicated to realizing our mission.
  • Community: We deeply value the world that surrounds us. With genuine care and proactive contribution, we are dedicated to making a positive impact, fostering a brighter and more compassionate local and global community.

The Power of Hydrogen-Boron Fusion

What We Do
TAE’s path to delivering a utility-scale fusion power plant begins with its origins at UC Irvine in the 1990s. It was there that late physicist and TAE technology co-founder Dr. Norman Rostoker, along with current CEO Michl Binderbauer and others, recognized the shortcomings of available energy sources to meet electricity demand. They set out to create a revolutionary solution, which is now TAE’s proprietary concept: a compact, linear design that marries the deepest insights from accelerator physics and plasma physics called an advanced beam-driven Field-Reversed Configuration (FRC). This reactor technology is designed to operate with TAE’s preferred fuel source hydrogen-boron, the most environmentally friendly fuel for fusion, while also being capable of accommodating all available fusion fuel cycles.  

As TAE’s founding members saw it, this approach was the most practical, providing a reliable, cost-effective and dispatchable carbon-free energy source with no nuclear meltdown risk,no radioactive waste, and no risk of proliferation. 

Available virtually everywhere around the world with approximately 100,000 years of natural supply, hydrogen-boron fuel is non-radioactive, a.k.a. aneutronic. In its primary reaction, it produces only three helium atoms as a byproduct – a hallmark that inspired TAE’s original company name, Tri Alpha Energy.

Innovation in Fusion Technology

How We Do It
TAE employs a “money by milestone” model, which enforces a results-based approach to development. We raise only the amount of capital required to support the next phase of scientific advancement. 

We have achieved proof of science with the ability to sustain plasma confinement at will at temperatures exceeding 70M degrees Celsius. TAE is now on the precipice of unlocking the transformative achievement of net energy with our sixth-generation National Laboratory-scale device, Copernicus. 

With more than $1.2 billion in private capital, 1,400 patents, and an experienced team of over 600 employees representing over 40 countries, TAE is on track to deliver hydrogen-boron fusion to the grid in the early 2030s.

You can learn more about our historical progress and see what’s next on our fusion device roadmap

Yet TAE isn’t solely developing fusion power – we’re also actively shaping a world ready to embrace it. We take every opportunity to maximize our fusion research, both with our extensive peer-reviewed publications and with our collaborators, to offer an overall improvement to quality of life with products from across our subsidiaries. That includes TAE Power Solutions creating a more efficient, resilient, upgradeable grid, from peak shaving and storage that accelerates our transition to an electrified world, and the development of novel cancer drugs and complementary treatment technology from TAE Life Sciences.

Together, this family of TAE companies is leveraging proprietary science and engineering to create a bright future for us all.

What the press is saying.

First measurements of hydrogen-boron fusion in a magnetically confined fusion plasma

First measurements of hydrogen-boron fusion in a magnetically confined fusion plasma

As fusion developers around the world race to commercialize fusion energy, TAE Technologies has pioneered the pursuit of the cleanest and most economical path to providing electricity with hydrogen-boron (also known as p-B11 or p11B), an abundant, environmentally sound fuel. Today the company is announcing, in collaboration with Japan’s National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS), a noteworthy research advancement: the first-ever hydrogen-boron fusion experiments in a magnetically confined fusion plasma.

5 ways fusion energy can change the world for the better

5 ways fusion energy can change the world for the better

Commercial fusion energy has been making headlines since scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California achieved what many have said was impossible: a fusion experiment that created a net energy gain.

Fusion Tech in Medicine, Industry May Fund Path to Power Plants

Fusion Tech in Medicine, Industry May Fund Path to Power Plants

With more than a dozen companies working on different designs to trigger and control fusion reactions, researchers have also come up with innovative systems that can be used in applications from medicine to industrial imaging to electric vehicles. Creating businesses around these products can generate revenue now that will help support the end-goal of a fusion power plant, said Michl Binderbauer, chief executive officer of TAE Technologies Inc.

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