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Candid chats on how to build a carbon-free future.

Good Clean Energy is a podcast about tackling one of the most existential questions of our time: how to build a world with abundant, affordable, carbon-free electricity. TAE’s Jim McNiel dives into deep conversations with experts ranging from scientists to innovators to changemakers about the challenges our current electricity systems face and updates on the race for game-changing, clean ways to power our lives.

Jim McNiel a good-clean-energy podcast host at TAE Technologies


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Eventually we will reach the point in the United States of having a national policy driving us to low carbon. And the reason we will get there is that extreme weather will keep getting more extreme and the American public is more and more expecting action on this. – Ernest Moniz
It’s like they say, It takes a lot more than a village. It takes the planet. It’s a global thing. People ask me, Now that the National Ignition Facility did this, does that bother you? The answer is no. We’re all little Davids going against this insane Goliath, so everybody that contributes something that gets us a step closer is not just a hero, but a role model that you aspire to and cheer on. We need all of it. – Michl Binderbauer
[Africa needs] energy infrastructure development at scale. We can’t just have tiny solar panels. These tiny solar cells can maybe light a light bulb, a couple light bulbs, nothing much…. But this is like bottom-level aspiration. We can’t just have a system that’s all edges and no center. We need to build a functional grid that is a grid of the future. – Rose Mutiso
I think energy is good. We need to get past this idea that we’re always trying to conserve energy. In fact it’s better sometimes to use more. That suddenly enables you to use a bunch more recipes for other stuff. You have more pages in your economic playbook. It would just be a real game-changer. – Eli Dourado

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