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TAE was founded in 1998 to develop the ultimate clean energy solution: a commercial fusion power source that is compact, cost-effective, capable of sustaining the planet for centuries, and safe in every way. The patented technologies created for TAE’s unique approach to fusion are now being leveraged for adjacent innovations in electric mobility, power management, and more. In all sectors and around the world, TAE is committed to creating a bright future for us all.

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February 2023 | TAE

First measurements of hydrogen-boron fusion in a magnetically confined fusion plasma

As fusion developers around the world race to commercialize fusion energy, TAE Technologies has pioneered the pursuit of the cleanest and most economical path to providing electricity with hydrogen-boron (also known as p-B11 or p11B), an abundant, environmentally sound fuel. Today the company is announcing, in collaboration with Japan’s National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS), a noteworthy research advancement: the first-ever hydrogen-boron fusion experiments in a magnetically confined fusion plasma.

The Atlantic

January 2023 | TAE

Introducing TAE Power Solutions, a power management spin-off company from fusion energy leader TAE Technologies

TAE Technologies, the world’s largest private fusion energy company, today announces the formation of TAE Power Solutions, a new subsidiary. TAE Power Solutions intends to deliver a first-of-its-kind technology to fundamentally improve the reliability, efficiency, longevity, and affordability of electric-powered products, from vehicles to renewable energy storage.

December 2022 | TAE

TAE Technologies’ statement on US nuclear fusion advancement

Today we congratulate our colleagues at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, many of whom we’ve known and worked alongside for decades in the pursuit of fusion.
The scientific break-even advancement represents a theory made reality. Fusion has long been dubbed the “holy grail” of clean energy and this advance brings us one step closer to true viability. Today’s net energy milestone validates a major breakthrough for the entire global field of fusion.


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Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, Los Angeles

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