A Company On A Mission

TAE Technologies is committed to creating a sustainable future for us all. We began our research into fusion energy nearly 20 years ago, and built our company with commercialization in mind. Our solution is clean, compact, affordable – and safe in every way. In short: Friendly Fusion.

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We Call It Norman Because He Deserves it

  • TAE Technologies latest generator is named after our late intellectual co-founder, Dr. Norman Rostoker.
  • He envisioned the path to clean, commercial fusion energy nearly two decades ago. Today’s working machine is nearly identical to his original model.
  • Since unveiling Norman in July 2017, we have performed over 3,000 experiments with the machine.
  • Our current work with Norman is focused on plasma merging and field-reverse configurations (FRCs) to achieve optimal, scalable conditions for fusion.

From the Front Lines of Physics

Dispatches from TAE Technologies President, CTO and technology co-founder, Michl Binderbauer, and a behind the scenes look into our research. Learn more about our latest achievement in merging and colliding field-reverse configurations (FRCs) here.

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Norman - TAE Technologies

Latest News

February 6, 2018

TAE Technologies is proud to announce our proprietary beam-driven field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasma generator, Norman, achieved a new technical milestone, bringing us closer to the reality of commercial fusion power. After over 4,000 experiments to date, Norman has now exceeded the capabilities and performance of the company’s previous FRC plasma generator, C-2U, and sets a new company record for plasma temperature.

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July 27, 2017

TAE Technologies recently announced its ongoing collaboration with Google to apply machine learning to advance plasma research. Together, the team developed the Optometrist Algorithm, which demonstrates that optimal conditions for generating fusion technology are better identified when an element of human choice is added to the experiment.

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Our Research Is Here To Help

In our pursuit of fusion energy, we’ve published many significant research reports and papers in peer-reviewed journals. Search over 150 papers, including experimental results and theoretical science, in our research library.

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What The Press Is Saying About Us

The [TAE] machine … will transform the world as
completely as any technology in the past century.

The fusion process being pursued by [TAE] is clean, safe and reliable.

Gleaning data from a hot ball of nothing that lasts for much, much less than the blink of an eye requires a lot of clever testing tools.

[TAE] has shown the most progress among the start-ups in maintaining a consistent grip on a plasma.