July 17, 2020

In loving memory of Arthur J. Samberg, former Chairman of the Board of TAE Technologies (1941 – 2020)

The Samberg Family Office has been a lead investor in TAE Technologies since our launch in 1998, and Art played an instrumental role in our company’s trajectory ever since. As an early champion, to member of the Board of Directors, and ultimately Chairman, Art has been there for us every step of the way in his longterm commitment to TAE. It is thanks to his unwavering support, audacious vision, and generous spirit that we are now on the cusp of the transformational clean energy solution he was so determined to help bring to the world. On behalf of the entire TAE team, we thank Art for his longtime support; and we wish peace and comfort to Art’s wife Becky and the entire Samberg family. May his memory be a blessing and an inspiration to us all. [L-R: Art Samberg, Heather Samberg, Jeff Samberg, Debbie Samberg]

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