National Society of Black Physicists Internship Program

TAE: Do Epic Science

.The National Society of Black Physicists in partnership with TAE Technologies invites applications for a paid internship position to begin in June 2023. We are a diverse group of 400 of some of the most brilliant physicists, engineers, and other experts from 40 countries around the world – all committed to improving people’s lives through clean technologies. TAE values individual passion and expertise within our culture of collaboration. The NSBP internship is designed for students who will complete a B.S. degree or are enrolled in an advanced degree in Physics or Applied Physics during the 2022-2023 academic year.

TAE offers engaging internship opportunities where students work closely with their advisors. Our interns will assist TAE scientists with their work in one or more of the following areas:

·   Plasma Diagnostics

·   Lasers and Optics

·   Electronics and Magnetics

·   Data Science and Analysis

·   Particle Accelerators

·   Experimental Operations

·   Plasma Simulation and Computational Science

Many of our exceptional interns proceed to full time work with the company. The duration of the internship is two-three months, starting in June 2023, and may be eligible for extension. The hourly pay will be approximately $25 per hour. At the successful close of the internship, TAE will provide written confirmation of the hours and breadth of work for college programs that offer credit for internship experience.

Applicants can submit a resume no later than February 28, 2023 here to be considered. The resume should include current GPA, programming language proficiency, and experience (this can include project work) as it relates to an internship at TAE Technologies. If applicable, detail any background work in a laboratory or scientific setting, however all experience is welcome.

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