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TAE has spent over 20 years working to develop and distribute the cleanest, most sustainable energy source of all time. Our unique approach combines plasma physics and accelerator physics for a brand new pathway to fusion power. Read about our top breakthroughs, and browse the entire research library for over 350 posters and papers published in the world’s leading peer-reviewed journals.

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December 2016 | L. Schmitz | Nature Communications | Paper

An economic magnetic fusion reactor favours a high ratio of plasma kinetic pressure to magnetic pressure in a well-confined, hot plasma with low thermal losses across the confining magnetic field.

May 2015 | M. Binderbauer | Physics of Plasmas | Paper

Conventional field-reversed configurations (FRCs), high-beta, prolate compact toroids embedded in poloidal magnetic fields, face notable stability and confinement concerns.

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April 12, 2019 | T. Tajima | Paper

We introduce a method of transmutation of spent radioactive nuclei in a liquid molten salt solution with fusion neutrons through a series of energy enhancements from accelerated deuterons via fusion to fission. This method is a part of the partitioning & transmutation (P&T) approach for the disposal of spent nuclear fuel where P&T enables the reduction of duration and volume of the spent nuclear fuel storage.

October 2018 | T. Roche | APS-DPP | Poster

The experimental goals of the C-2W program are to demonstrate the ability to heat and maintain a field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasma to a total temperature of several keV for a period of 30 ms.

October 2018 | B. Scott Nicks | APS-DPP | Poster

Beam-driven ion-Bernstein mode seen theoretically, exhibits wakefield character that creates similar large fast ion tail and fusion enhancement

October 2018 | S. Dettrick | APS-DPP | Poster

Flexible control systems for all three of these actuators are available on the C-2W experiment, so we study their effects on FRC Equilibrium and Global Stability

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