Secondary Electron Emission Detectors for Neutral Beam Characterization on C-2W

April 2018 | J. Titus | HTPD2018 | Poster

Heating, current drive, and partial fueling from neutral beam injection are essential to sustainment of C-2W field- reversed configuration (FRC) plasmas. C-2W has eight 2.1 MW neutral beams (total of 16.8 MW), capable of providing an elliptically-shaped beam of 15 keV hydrogen neutrals for 30 ms.

Jet Outflow and Open Field Line Measurements on the C-2W Advanced Beam-Driven Field-Reversed Configuration Plasma Experiment

April 2018 | D. Sheftman | HTPD2018 | Poster

Accurate operation and high performance of the open field line plasma surrounding the Field Reversed Configuration (FRC) is crucial to achieving the goals of successful temperature ramp up and confinement improvement on C-2W.

Development of Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy Diagnostics for the C-2W Field-Reversed Configuration Plasma

April 2018 | D. Gupta | HTPD2018 | Poster

Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy (ChERS) diagnostics will provide measurements of ion temperature, velocity and density profiles in C-2W field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasmas.

Development of a three-wave far-infrared laser interferometry and polarimetry diagnostics for the C-2W FRC Experiment

April 2018 | B. Deng | HTPD2018 | Poster

C-2W field-reversed configuration (FRC) experiments [1] are focused to resolve major physics issues facing the future of FRC devices. To achieve these goals, it is essential to measure the plasma equilibrium dynamics and monitor plasma fluctuations.

Design and Characterization of High Repetition Rate Lasers and Collection Optics for Thomson Scattering Diagnostics on C-2W

April 2018 | A. Ottaviano | HTPD2018 | Poster

A new Thomson scattering (TS) system is being constructed on C-2W for obtaining electron temperature and density profiles with high temporal and spatial resolution. Validating the performance of the TS’s custom designed system components is crucial to obtaining reliable Te and ne profiles of C-2W’s plasma.