Frequently asked questions.

A power-solutions man pointing technology at TAE Technologies

What impact does energy have on human anthropology?

Abundant, clean energy is at the nexus of a transformed human experience, for sufficient food supply, ample clean water, good health care, sustainable environment, and a resultant overall improvement of quality of life are all highly correlated with a robust supply of energy. To meet the massive increase in energy demand, we will need an abundant, scalable, safe, cost-effective, source of clean energy. TAE’s fusion technology has all the attributes to become that source.

Why pursue fusion when wind, solar and other renewable energy sources are available now?

TAE believes continued adoption of clean energy sources is objectively beneficial. However, there is no one-size-fits-all power source to fulfill the entire growing global need. We expect a future energy portfolio to come from a variety of power sources, including wind, solar, fusion, and more.

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