TAE Fusion

A forever solution for clean, carbon-free energy.

Nature’s preferred source.
Fusion is the same process that powers the sun and stars. It is environmentally friendly, safe, and capable of sustaining the planet for thousands of years. TAE’s proprietary technology will generate and distribute cost-competitive, 24/7 on-demand fusion power to address the growing global need and secure our energy future.
Copernicus-fusion-reactor at TAE Technologies (illustration)

Introducing TAE Fusion Power.

Get a closer look at Norman.

TAE’s fifth-generation fusion platform is named after fusion energy pioneer and late co-creator of the company’s proprietary technology, Dr. Norman Rostoker. The National Laboratory-scale device combines our proprietary power management technology and advanced accelerator beam-driven field-reversed configuration (FRC) for compact and efficient operations.

Timeline of 
TAE fusion platforms.

The Sewer Pipe

1998 – 2000s


2009 – 2014


2015 – 2016

C-2W aka Norman

2017 – present


2022 and beyond


experiments conducted since 2015

The next frontier in fusion energy.

A sneak peek at Copernicus.

How do you produce electricity from fusion?

Our sun presently fuses predominately hydrogen atoms to give off energetic light. TAE is trying to recreate this same process, adapted for terrestrial conditions. In our future fusion power plant, we will fuse hydrogen and boron to produce an even more energetic light than the sun.

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