February 12, 2018  |  Michl Binderbauer

Fusion: A Uniting Force for Good

Fusion - A Uniting Force for Good

One of my favorite things each week is a weekend morning hike with my wife and two young kids. We are lucky to live in California, where we are surrounded by the ocean, mountains and breathtaking landscapes. For two hours a week, it’s just us and nature. We smell flowers and name bugs. We have favorite native trees and pet passing horses. For Henry, these walks are also a means to reprocess things he learns about nature in school and Kim is busy discovering insects and collecting flowers for my wife. It’s both a treasured family tradition, and a reminder of why I have been developing clean fusion energy for the better part of 20 years.

Our society is experiencing technological, economic and environmental changes at a rate we’ve never seen. Energy consumption is outpacing our population growth by well more than double. It’s been a contributing factor to climate change, and the reason we’ve experienced the hottest temperatures, highest sea levels and worst natural disasters on record.

The need for safe, sustainable, limitless energy is as great now as it’s ever been, both to mitigate climate concerns and because creating clean energy resources raises global living standards for everyone. Access to clean energy, particularly in developing countries, leads to economic equality, energy independence, job creation and overall geopolitical stability.

Far more than a day job or cool science experiment, I increasingly view our work as a moral obligation and matter of stewardship. Without fusion, we can’t help. With it, we have a better shot. What steps can we take today to leave the world in better shape than when we entered it? How can we ensure that our children and grandchildren experience the wonder of nature, not to mention clean air and water? How can we be good citizens and grow good inhabitants of the Earth? Our kids can run circles around us today with any piece of information available at the tap of a finger or click of a mouse; imagine how the future generations will hold us accountable if we do nothing.

Since 1998, TAE Technologies has been on a path to creating Friendly Fusion, which we believe is the safest, most economical, environmentally-friendly form of sustainable energy. Proudly based out of California, the country’s leader in renewable energy and climate measures, our unique and proprietary approach to fusion has been our passion and our purpose. But it’s become clear that our mission must not end here.

To that end, we have changed our name from Tri Alpha Energy to TAE Technologies, Inc. to reflect the growing scope of our work. Much like NASA’s exploration of space spawned widespread inventions in seemingly unrelated areas such as water purification, baby food and camera phones, our rigorous development process led us to adjacent innovations that address critical issues in healthcare, transportation, energy efficiency and global security.

We are building a better world brick by brick. Rome wasn’t built in a day and tech doesn’t evolve in a day. 2018 is the year we work toward demonstrating scientific feasibility of our fusion technology, a critical stepping stone toward achieving our most ambitious goals.

Now and in the future, TAE Technologies is committed to creating Friendly Fusion, and powering a world that is ethical, inclusive and abundant. We are excited to share more about this with you throughout the year.

In service,

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