April 10, 2018  |  Michl Binderbauer

It Was 20 Years Ago Today …

Harry Hamlin TAE Technologies

In April 1998, a group of determined scientists, inventors and visionaries founded the company now known as TAE Technologies with $1000 and one goal in mind: Creating a source of safe, carbon-free, on-demand energy that doesn’t harm the environment and is available to everyone equally around the world.

We believe harnessing fusion energy not for the science of it all, but for the express purpose of helping power our daily lives can solve our global energy needs. This has been our mission since Day 1 and remains the company’s guiding force to this day.

To accomplish our goal, TAE Technologies has both created and verified science that has never existed before. Our unique approach to fusion is the first to combine plasma physics with accelerator physics; and uses a hydrogen-boron fuel cycle that is safe and plentiful in nature.

Thanks to the foundation set by our physics forebears at UC Irvine and beyond, TAE Technologies is now on the cusp of net power generation and one step closer to commercialization. We are humbled by this extraordinary journey.

No matter the challenges we’ve faced over the last 20 years, it is my honor to come to work every day with the purpose and passion to make a positive impact on the planet for future generations. I know I speak for the entire team when I say this core value motivates and uplifts us all.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone at TAE Technologies for 20 years of commitment in developing clean, safe, abundant fusion energy for a better tomorrow.

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