Fusion power is attracting private-sector interest

May 2019 | The Economist | Read Now So far, Norman has produced vortices with temperatures of 3.5m°C that last around ten milliseconds, rather than the microseconds of a conventional frc. TAE hopes, by the end of this year, to have increased that temperature to around 30m°C, and tripled the plasma’s lifetime. All of which is clever. But what makes…


Integrated Modeling of Stability and Transport of FRC Plasmas

April 2019 | A.Necas | 2019 Sherwood Fusion Theory | Poster

TAE Technologies, Inc, has an active fusion plasma research program centered around the FRC (Field Reversed Configuration) magnetic topology and the existing C-2W (aka Norman) experiment.


CAN Laser Driven Liquid-phase Transmutator Monitored Realtime by Fiber Laser

April 12, 2019 | T. Tajima | Paper

We introduce a method of transmutation of spent radioactive nuclei in a liquid molten salt solution with fusion neutrons through a series of energy enhancements from accelerated deuterons via fusion to fission. This method is a part of the partitioning & transmutation (P&T) approach for the disposal of spent nuclear fuel where P&T enables the reduction of duration and volume of the spent nuclear fuel storage.


Can AI Help Crack the Code of Fusion Power?

January 2019 | The Verge | Read Now Last year, a panel of advisers to the US Department of Energy published a list of game-changers that could “dramatically increase the rate of progress towards a fusion power plant.” The list included advanced algorithms, like artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s a strategy that TAE Technologies is banking…