Doppler Backscattering: A Powerful Plasma Turbulence and Flow Diagnostic

June 2022 | L. Schmitz | TOFE | Presentation

Microwave-based diagnostic techniques have major advantages in
high temperature/burning plasmas more robust that optical diagnostics:
– no in-vessel / first wall optical windows/mirrors needed

The study of high-power electron beam transport for C-2W experiments

November 2021 | A. Tkachev | APS-DPP 2021 | Poster

A high-power long pulse electron beam was created at TAE. The beam is designed to be installed in a divertor and injected axially into the C-2W FRC device [1] for additional plasma heating [2]. The beam currently operates at a test stand, and the research on beam injection through a strong magnetic field is carried out.

Recent Progress in Simulation and Theory of the C-2W Experiment

August 2021 | S. Dettrick | OS2021 | Presentation

Equilibrium with large kinetic ion population
• Global Stability properties in presence of neutral beams
• Perpendicular Transport due to kinetic microturbulence