Doppler Backscattering: A Powerful Plasma Turbulence and Flow Diagnostic

June 2022 | L. Schmitz | TOFE | Presentation

Microwave-based diagnostic techniques have major advantages in
high temperature/burning plasmas more robust that optical diagnostics:
– no in-vessel / first wall optical windows/mirrors needed

Automatic inference and control of field reversed configuration plasmas in C-2W

June 2022 | J. Romero | TOFE | Presentation

C-2W is the world’s first steady-state FRC with fusion relevant parameters, C-2W machine and diagnostics are upgraded often in response to the research needs.

Active Fast Ion Charge Exchange Measurements Using a Neutral Particle Analyzer and Multiple Beam Species in C-2W

May 2022 | S. Kamio | HTPD | Poster

Understanding fast ion confinement and transport physics is very important for the beam-driven, FRC. In order to study fast ion physics in the C-2W device, neutral particle analyzers (NPAs) are used.