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TAE Technologies (pronounced T-A-E) is a mission-driven company advancing proprietary science and engineering solutions for a brighter, healthier future. Founded in 1998 to develop commercial fusion power with the cleanest environmental profile, TAE’s work represents the fastest, most practical, and economically competitive solution to bring abundant clean energy to the grid. Alongside fusion, TAE is developing innovations that support intelligent power management systems and next-generation treatment for cancer patients. We are One TAE, building a sustainable future for all.

TAE Fusion Power

Developing the ultimate carbon-free energy solution: a commercial fusion power source that is clean, compact, cost-effective and capable of sustaining the planet for centuries.

TAE Power Solutions

Commercializing power management innovations made in pursuit of fusion for e-mobility and battery energy storage systems.

TAE Life Sciences

Leveraging advances in accelerator beams made in pursuit of fusion to deliver a biologically targeted radiation therapy with cellular-level precision based on Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) to bring new hope to patients with the most difficult-to-treat cancers.

Latest news.

The Atlantic

July 2024 | TAE

Step inside TAE’s fusion research lab

From our control room to our accelerator beams, take a virtual tour of TAE’s unique approach to fusion in 6 photos. With our teams laser-focused on delivering commercial hydrogen-boron fusion power, we don’t often have the opportunity to open our doors to the…


The Atlantic

October 2023 | TAE

TAE Technologies applauds California’s landmark fusion energy bill

Assembly Bill 1172 supports California’s fusion energy industry by recognizing this cutting-edge technology’s safety and environmental benefits while setting the stage for the state’s future regulatory framework.

His Royal Highness, the Duke of Gloucester (center) toured the BCIMO site in late April, meeting with the TAE Power Solutions team, including Chief Commercial Officer Ben Russell (right).

May 2023 | TAE

TAE Power Solutions expands UK operations with battery testing facility for e-mobility and energy storage applications

TAE Power Solutions’ new offices in Dudley will be a battery prototype-and-test facility to develop, validate, and industrialize modular battery packs for e-mobility and energy storage.

February 2023 | TAE

First measurements of hydrogen-boron fusion in a magnetically confined fusion plasma

As fusion developers around the world race to commercialize fusion energy, TAE Technologies has pioneered the pursuit of the cleanest and most economical path to providing electricity with hydrogen-boron (also known as p-B11 or p11B), an abundant, environmentally sound fuel. Today the company is announcing, in collaboration with Japan’s National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS), a noteworthy research advancement: the first-ever hydrogen-boron fusion experiments in a magnetically confined fusion plasma.


U.S. Department of Energy
University of California, Irvine
Budker Institute Nuclear Physics
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, Los Angeles

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