Fusion Explained, in Under 10 minutes

It can be tough to explain the vast potential of commercial fusion energy and TAE’s unique approach to the technology. 

Yet, our CEO Michl Binderbauer managed to give a profoundly detailed explanation in less than 10 minutes. His presentation touches on the rigorous experimentation TAE has undergone over the company’s 25 year history, and you can read more about all the National Laboratory-scale devices we’ve built to confine fusion plasmas and optimized to develop our next machine.

Commercial fusion energy has reached an inflection point, and as Michl says in this brief explanation of what’s at stake, “what the science fiction books call the dawn of the fusion age” is really the dawn of an age where scarcity can end, with the advent of abundant, carbon-free energy. (And if that idea interests you, might we recommend this extensive piece about TAE and the next energy transition in The Atlantic?)

“I think this is the wonderful thing in the U.S.: that the private sector, together with academia and the government, is now working to push that last leg of turning laboratory insights and success into functional products.”

Earlier this year, TAE broke ground at a new 100,000 square foot facility in Irvine, CA, to house its next fusion research machine, Copernicus, which is expected to demonstrate the viability of net energy generation from TAE’s proprietary configuration around the mid-2020s. With that milestone in hand, TAE will develop its first prototype hydrogen-boron fusion power plant, Da Vinci, to deliver electricity to the grid in the early 2030s.

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