Effect of mirror and confinement vessel fields on the power flows from biased electrodes to the FRC electrons

October 2022 | M. Kaur | APS-DPP 2022 | Poster

NB-driven FRC plasmas stay in a steady-state for long time and allow a thorough study of electron heating mechanisms. Core plasma 𝑇𝑒
shows a strong correlation with 𝑃𝐵𝑖𝑎𝑠.

Density Profiles for Different Plasmas and Configurations in C-2W FRCs

October 2022 | C. Deng | APS-DPP 2022 | Poster

TAE Technologies current experimental device, record breaking, advanced beam-driven, high temperature FRC plasmas are produced and sustained in steady state utilizing variable energy neutral beams, advanced divertors, end bias electrodes, and an active plasma control system.

C-2W FRC plasma Te and ne profiles comparison under different machine configurations

October 2022 | K. Zhai | APS-DPP 2022 | Poster

To better
understand the machine performance and to prepare for the design of TAE’s next generation
experiment Copernicus, a series of experiments with different field configuration and fueling
schemes have been carried out.