Overview of C-2W Field-Reversed Configuration Experimental Program

October 2017 | APS-DPP | Poster

Tri Alpha Energy’s research has been devoted to producing a high temperature, stable, long-lived field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasma state by neutral-beam injection (NBI) and edge biasing/control.

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Absence of Ion-scale Core Turbulence

Absence of Ion-scale Core Turbulence and Transport Barrier Formation with Passive/Active Divertor Biasing in the C-2/C-2U Field Reversed Configuration

October 2016 | APS-DPP | Poster

Experimentally measured inverted core density fluctuations spectra show the absence of ion-scale modes in the FRC core, in agreement with linear, local gyrokinetic simulations.

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Diagnostic suite of the C-2U advanced beam-driven field-reversed configuration plasma experiment

August 2016 | Review of Scientific Instruments | Paper

The C-2U experiment at Tri Alpha Energy studies the evolution of field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasmas sustained by neutral beam injection. Data on the FRC plasma performance are provided by a comprehensive suite of diagnostics that includes magnetic sensors, interferometry, Thomson scattering, spectroscopy, bolometry, reflectometry, neutral particle analyzers, and fusion product detectors.

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Improved Confinement of C 2 Field Reversed Configuration Plasmas

Improved Confinement of C-2 Field Reversed Configuration Plasmas

February 2015 | Fusion Science and Technology | Paper

C-2 is a unique, large compact-toroid (CT) device at TAE Technologies that produces field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasmas by colliding and merging oppositely directed CTs. Significant progress has recently been made on C-2, achieving ,5 ms stable plasmas with a dramatic improvement in confinement, far beyond the prediction from the conventional FRC scaling.

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