Automatic inference and control of field reversed configuration plasmas in C-2W

June 2022 | J. Romero | TOFE | Presentation

C-2W is the world’s first steady-state FRC with fusion relevant parameters, C-2W machine and diagnostics are upgraded often in response to the research needs.

An Overview of and Update on the Diagnostic Suite of the C-2W Experimental Device

May 2022 | T.Roche | HTPD | Poster

This fully operational experiment is coupled with a fully operational suite of advanced diagnostic systems. The suite consists of 60+ individual systems spanning 20 categories, including: magnetic sensors, Thomson scattering…

Overview of C-2W: high temperature, steady-state beam-driven field-reversed configuration plasmas

October 2021 | H. Gota | Nuclear Fusion | Paper

TAE Technologies, Inc. (TAE) is pursuing an alternative approach to magnetically confined fusion, which relies on field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasmas composed of mostly energetic…