A Mass Resolved, High Resolution Neutral Particle Analyzer for C-2U

A Mass Resolved, High Resolution Neutral Particle Analyzer for C-2U

June 2016 | R. Clary | HTPD | Poster

C-2U is a high-confinement, advanced beam driven field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasma which sustains the configuration for > 5 ms, in excess of typical MHD and fast particle instability times, as well as fast particle slowing down times.

Dual Wavelength Imaging of a Scrape-Off Layer in an Advanced Beam – Driven Field – Reversed Configuration

Dual Wavelength Imaging of a Scrape-Off Layer in a Field Reversed Configuration

June 2016 | Dima Osin / Tania Schindler | HTPD | Poster

C-2U is a macroscopically stable, high-performance field-reversed configuration (FRC), where high plasma temperatures with significant fast ion population and record lifetimes were achieved.

Development of a magnetized coaxial plasma gun for compact toroid injection into the C-2 field-reversed configuration device

May 2016 | T. Matsumoto | Review of Scientific Instruments | Paper

A compact toroid (CT) injector was developed for the C-2 device, primarily for refueling of field- reversed configurations. The CTs are formed by a magnetized coaxial plasma gun (MCPG), which consists of coaxial cylindrical electrodes and a bias coil for creating a magnetic field.

Control of ion gyroscale fluctuations via electrostatic biasing and sheared E×B flow in the C-2 field reversed configuration

March 2016 | L. Schmitz | AIP Conference Proceedings | Paper

Control of radial particle and thermal transport is instrumental for achieving and sustaining well-confined high-β plasma in a Field-Reversed Configuration (FRC). Radial profiles of low frequency ion gyro-scale density fluctuations (0.5 ≤ kρs ≤ 40), consistent with drift- or drift-interchange modes, have been measured in the scrape-off layer (SOL) and core of the C-2 Field-Reversed Configuration (FRC), together with the toroidal ExB velocity.

End loss analyzer system for measurements of plasma flux at the C-2U divertor electrode

March 2016 | M. E. Griswold | AIP Conference Proceedings | Paper

An end loss analyzer system was developed to study thermal transport on the open field lines that surround the advanced beam-driven field-reversed configuration (FRC) core of the C-2U experiment. The system is mounted directly to the divertor electrode and consists of gridded retarding-potential analyzers that measure ion current density and ion energy as well as pyroelectric crystal bolometers that measure the total power flux.