Stabilization of the Alfven-ion cyclotron instability through short plasmas: Fully kinetic simulations in a high-beta regime

October 2023 | B. Nicks | Physics of Plasmas | Paper

The Alfven-ion cyclotron (AIC) mode is an instability that can be driven in magnetized plasmas with anisotropic pressure. Its chief deleterious effect is the driving of enhanced pitch-angle scattering of ions

Identifying Density Fluctuation Modes with the FIR Interferometer System in C-2W FRCs

November 2021 | C. Deng | APS-DPP 2021 | Poster

In the TAE Technologies current experimental device, C-2W (also called “Norman”), record breaking, advanced beam-driven FRC plasmas are produced and sustained in steady state utilizing variable energy neutral beams, advanced divertors, end bias electrodes, and…