Kinetic Simulation of Recycling Bifurcation in an Expander Divertor

November 2021 | S. Dettrick | APS-DPP 2021 | Poster

An expander divertor can be used to expand the Scrape-Off-Layer flux-tube of a linear device to arbitrary size, providing reduced energy flux to the wall, increased pumping capacity, formation of a pre-sheath for electrostatic confinement of electrons, and…

Neighboring equilibria and integrity of elongated FRC configurations

November 2021 | L. Zakharov | APS-DPP 2021 | Poster

In the TAE C-2W experiment, confinement and stability of Field Reversed Configurations (FRC) relies on the presence of energetic ions from neutral beam injection and their relatively large Larmor radius.

Evolution and consequences of orbit type distributions in FRCs

November 2021 | F. Ceccherini | APS-DPP 2021 | Poster

Field Reversed Configurations (FRCs) are characterized by particular electric and magnetic field geometries that are due to the presence of unique particle orbit types as so-called Betatron, Drift, Fig8 and Type 1 orbits.

Simulation of Coherent Terahertz Radiation from Relativistic Laser-Solid Interactions

November 2021 | A. Necas | APS-DPP 2021 | Poster

Experiments to study the interaction between a high-intensity (>1018 W/cm2) laser and various solid targets have been performed at the University of Rochester Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) lab aimed to generate terahertz (THz) radiation.

Recent Progress in Simulation and Theory of the C-2W Experiment

August 2021 | S. Dettrick | OS2021 | Presentation

Equilibrium with large kinetic ion population
• Global Stability properties in presence of neutral beams
• Perpendicular Transport due to kinetic microturbulence