Separatrix E×B Shear Flows and Turbulence Propagation in the C-2U FRC; Diagnostic Upgrades for Density and Magnetic Field Fluctuation Measurements in C-2W

October 2017 | APS-DPP | Poster

Ion-scale modes have been shown to be stable in the C-2/C-2FRC core, in agreement with initial gyrokinetic simulation results, with a characteristic inverted toroidal wavenumber spectrum confirmed via Doppler Backscattering (DBS) measurements.

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Drift-wave stability in the field-reversed configuration

August 2017 | Physics of Plasmas | Paper

Gyrokinetic simulations of C-2-like field-reversed configuration (FRC) find that electrostatic drift- waves are locally stable in the core. The stabilization mechanisms include finite Larmor radius effects, magnetic well (negative grad-B), and fast electron short circuit effects.

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Suppressed ion-scale turbulence in a hot high-beta plasma

December 2016 | Nature Communications | Paper

An economic magnetic fusion reactor favours a high ratio of plasma kinetic pressure to magnetic pressure in a well-confined, hot plasma with low thermal losses across the confining magnetic field.

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Absence of Ion-scale Core Turbulence

Absence of Ion-scale Core Turbulence and Transport Barrier Formation with Passive/Active Divertor Biasing in the C-2/C-2U Field Reversed Configuration

October 2016 | APS-DPP | Poster

Experimentally measured inverted core density fluctuations spectra show the absence of ion-scale modes in the FRC core, in agreement with linear, local gyrokinetic simulations.

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