Inference of field reversed configuration topology and dynamics during Alfvenic transients

February 2018 | J.A. Romero | Nature Communications | Paper

Active control of field reversed configuration (FRC) devices requires a method to determine the flux surface geometry and dynamic properties of the plasma during both transient and steady-state conditions.


Fusion: A Uniting Force for Good

February 12 |  Michl Binderbauer

The need for safe, sustainable, limitless energy is as great now as it’s ever been, both to mitigate climate concerns and because creating clean energy resources raises global living standards for everyone. Access to clean energy, particularly in developing countries, leads to economic equality, energy independence, job creation and overall geopolitical stability.


Coupled transport in field-reversed configurations

February 2018 | L. Steinhauer | Physics of Plasmas | Paper

Coupled transport is the close interconnection between the cross-field and parallel fluxes in differ- ent regions due to topological changes in the magnetic field. This occurs because perpendicular transport is necessary for particles or energy to leave closed field-line regions, while parallel transport strongly affects evolution of open field-line regions.