Neutral Beam Injection System for the C-2W Field Reversed Configuration Experiment

Neutral Beam Injection System for the C-2U Field Reversed Configuration Experiment

October 2016 | Alex Dunaevsky | APS-DPP | Poster

C-2U Field-Reversed Configuration (FRC) experiment proved substantial reduction in turbulence-driven losses via tangential neutral beam injection (NBI) coupled with electrically biased plasma guns at the plasma ends.


Improved density profile measurements in the C-2U advanced beam-driven Field-Reversed Configuration (FRC) plasmas

August 2016 | M. Beall | Review of Scientific Instruments | Paper

In the prior C-2 experiment, electron density was measured using a two-color 6-chord CO2/HeNe interferometer. Analysis shows that high-frequency common mode phase noise can be reduced by a factor of 3 by constructing a reference chord.