Overview of C-2W Field-Reversed Configuration Experimental Program

October 2017 | H. Gota | APS-DPP | Poster

Tri Alpha Energy’s research has been devoted to producing a high temperature, stable, long-lived field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasma state by neutral-beam injection (NBI) and edge biasing/control.

High Time Resolution Reconstruction of Electron Temperature Profiles with a Neural Network in C-2U

October 2017 | Gabriel Player | APS-DPP | Poster

An attempt to experimentally determine electron heating due to neutral beam injection highlighted a diagnostic gap – lack of time resolution on single-shot Thomson measurements.

Development of Spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy Measurements for the C-2W Plasma Expansion Divertor

October 2017 | D. Sheftman | APS-DPP | Poster

Accurate operation and high performance of the open field line plasma surrounding the Field Reversed Configuration (FRC) is crucial to achieving the goals of successful temperature ramp up and confinement improvement on C-2W.