Stabilization of the Alfven-ion cyclotron instability through short plasmas: Fully kinetic simulations in a high-beta regime

October 2023 | B. Nicks | Physics of Plasmas | Paper

The Alfven-ion cyclotron (AIC) mode is an instability that can be driven in magnetized plasmas with anisotropic pressure. Its chief deleterious effect is the driving of enhanced pitch-angle scattering of ions

Potential development and electron energy confinement in an expanding magnetic field divertor geometry

August 2023 | S. Gupta | Physics of Plasmas | Paper

The formation of electrostatic potential in an expanding magnetic field divertor is numerically simulated using a kinetic model. As theoretically expected, the electrostatic potential is formed in the expanding magnetic field…

First measurements of p11B fusion in a magnetically confined plasma

February 2023 | R. Magee | Nature Communications | Paper

Proton-boron (p11B) fusion is an attractive potential energy source but technically challenging to implement. Developing techniques to realize its potential requires first developing the experimental capability to produce p11B fusion…

Development of multichord ion Doppler spectroscopy system for toroidal flow measurement of field-reversed configuration

December 2022 | K. Araoka | Review of Scientific Instruments | Paper

A double-chord ion Doppler spectroscopy (IDS) system was developed to measure the ion temperature and flow velocity of field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasmas in the FRC amplification via a translation-collisional merging (FAT-CM) device.